Our Mission…

is to follow the example of the Lord Jesus Christ by serving others through the provision of quality dental care for low-income adults in our community.

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Exceptional Dental Care

Dr. James Ohlsson, DDS

Dr. Ohlsson has over 20 years’ experience as a general dentist in private practice, and has served for the last five here in Bradley County. He co-founded Karis Dental Clinic with his wife, Kelly, to provide care for low-income patients. After two years of part-time service at Karis, Dr. and Mrs. Ohlsson have been called to expand the Clinic to a full-time basis in order to more fully meet the needs of disadvantaged patients with chronic tooth pain.

Volunteer Dentists

The finest private dentists in Cleveland and Bradley County regularly volunteer at Karis Dental Clinic, ensuring patients receive the highest dental quality care.

Making a Difference, One Smile at a Time


“Thank you so very, very much for pulling out mine and my son’s hurting teeth. Thanks to you, we are pain-free and can smile again!”